Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Smallest World Map

LiveGadget,. Living. This smallest of the world map, created by the Photonics Research Group at the University of Ghent-IMEC. Its scale is one Trillionth. That means 40,000 miles of the equator scaled up to 40 micrometers or virtually half the width of human hair.

The map was embedded in a silicon chip Photonics test, using a 30-step etching (gizmodo.com). The chip has optical circuits, submicrometer scale (small pieces of silicon, called photonic waveguides or cables). This development will enable companies to integrate optical in packages that will be a million times smaller than the current glass-based Photonics. The resulting chip would allow the integration of Photonics cheaper in every technology, from consumer gadgets to medical equipment.

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