Monday, December 14, 2009

D-Barcode: Barcode Art

LiveGadget,.If you buy a product in the packaging there is a bar code, you may wonder what the meaning of the lines with the codes below and the shape is always rectangular. However, the Japanese art of designing an existing bar code began in 2005. D-Barcode has been designed for customers in Japan. Who got the D-Barcode menginkan in the product, they have to pay $ 1,500 for design and $ 200 for a license each year. In fact, various kinds of D-Barcode eksklusive could reach a price of $ 4,000 per design.

Here are some of the design of the D-Barcode


  1. I've been distorting barcodes for fun since 2001. Check out my series of barcode shapes that are compatible with scanning technology.

  2. ""it's your own design.., there are very artistic design =)""