Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wink Glasses: will Protecting Your Eyes from Eyestrain

Live Gadget.  Wink Glasses: Vision will Protecting Your Eyes from Eyestrain
Living. Perhaps those that enjoy the game online and willing to spend your time in front of a computer screen, will feel the tension in your eyes. Without your awareness while you play, your eyes blinking frequency will decrease. Instead, it will make you tire quickly when in front of a computer screen.

To overcome it, Japan's Masunaga Optical Manufacturing, has issued Wink Glasses. Wink Glasses will keep the frequency to blink your eyes, so the eyes do not experience tension. Wink Glasses work with sensors that can detect how long you did not blink and if the 5-second intervals, Wink Glasses will automatically close your eyes to blur the lens panel until you winked back. According to Wink Glasses, it will enter the Japanese market on August 10 with prices or 15.750 yen

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