Monday, October 19, 2009

Hotelicopter: Like Sleeping in Clouds

LiveGadget,. Have you ever imagined a five-star hotels to fly above the clouds ????!!! Hotelicopter is the biggest helicopter in production providing five-star hotel facilities with a total of 18 rooms. Features include Soundproofed rooms are rooms that can hold the sound, queen-sized bed, mini-bar, and wireless Internet service.

That's not enough for you fans of ping-pong Hotelicopter also provides a ping-pong tables and equipment. To sit down to relax while enjoying tea, in each room there is also Hotelicopter tea lounge, perfect for chatting while enjoying the journey above the clouds.

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  1. This is very enjoyable way of flying over the cloud with five star hotel great enjoyment, interested to know more about this article