Thursday, September 10, 2009


This Awards is came from Philiph friend also Slogged Over Leisure (BUrn) I am so happy :-D to receive this first ever award that was given to me.
Thank you my friend.


As Usual i will Quote the Rules here :

We, bloggers come from different nationalities all over the world. It is such a wonder that we are united because of blogging. This tag is made to know the nationality you are proud to have. I am enjoining all the bloggers to join this tag. Let us see how long we can make this list.

Here are the rules:

1. Copy this entire post but appropriately acknowledge the tag giver.

2. Link your and your blog’s name (that is, put your and your blog’s name plus the URL) and add the nationality that you have e. g Filipino, Finnish, American, Canadian, etc.)

3. Tag as many bloggers as you can so we can generate a long list here.

4. Return here and give me a comment or a message to include you in the masterlist.

5. If you have multiple blogs, you may copy this tag in all your sites but please include only one blog of yours in each post.

6. Update your masterlist by coming back here.

7. This tag will not only help us know the bloggers we keep in touch in the blogosphere but will also help build traffic to our sites.

MASTERLIST: (List down your nationality here. The first one has been done for you).


1. Live Gadget

2. Slogged Over Leisure (BUrn)

3. Ares Shadux’s Team 1999

4. – 一个一个的部落格寂寞

Now, I am passing this tag to blogbuatblogger,tennisgirl, beth, , DedeAndro, dhemz, clickmarbin, dias spot, Blog Tactic, nani, MistyJ, and kampiabareh

For Those, who named on the list please take the award and follow the rules, Thank you…!!!

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