Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kwikset Key:'ll send you an email Left Door Open

Live Gadget. Do you want to have immediate notification when someone is opening your home?. Kwikset will send email directly to your phone, when someone was opening the door of your house. 

Kwikset designed by integrating the system with the entire ornament in your house. Kwikset maximum work with the Control4 system called LiNK. You can program your own Kwikset, after you enter the code, with the Kwikset and Control4, you can adjust and program activities within the home such as, turn on lights, turn on music or TV, and others.

Kwikset worth about $ 100 - $ 110 and can store up to 30 programming code. To receive an email delivery system, you must first install Control4 into Kwikset

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