Friday, July 24, 2009

Samsung S9110 : The Most Thin Watchphone

Live Gadget,. Samsung released a unique and cool gadget. Samsung S9110, is the most thin watchphone with the thickness 11.98mm. Touch screen display in the Samsung S9110 Watchphone will add a slick and elegant this wristwatch phone.

Samsung S9110 also equipped with voice recognition. With its Bluetooth feature, you easily transfer and sharing of data. For you who love music, listen your favorite music on your watch, because Watchphone Samsung S9110 is also equipped with music player features. Quote, Samsung S9110 Watchphone sold with the price $ 639.


  1. wow..nice gadget..

  2. wow unbelievable what they do with gadgets now!

  3. Keren banget.. tapi pastinya layar sentuhnya cepet tergores kalo saya yang pake...