Tuesday, July 14, 2009

B-Touch : Touchphone with Braille Interface

LiveGadget,. B-Touch will provide convenience for many users, especially for the blind. With a glosy touchscreen display, B-Touch is also equipped with a Braille interface. Navigation system is also equipped with Braille, will make it easier to select the features that are in the B-Touch. Accordance with the purpose, in addition to functioning as a regular phone, Touch-B is also complete with features to simplify the blind activity. As the book reader, which can make the process of scanning the books and letters can be changed to Braille. Object recognizer, can analyze the form of objects and objects can also be translated to Braille.

However, very unfortunately, the only B-Touch is a futuristic concept is designed by the designer Zhenwei You. However, we believe in this era of sophisticated, mobile phone such as this will soon released on the market, and is the most important functions that will help to make simplify the blind activity.


  1. wow sebuah gadget yang keren buanget nih...jadi pengen punya juga

  2. """Terima Kasih tas kunjungannya..;)"""